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Tendinitis Pain Relief at Clayton Chiropractic

If your body seems to be plagued by pain and stiffness lately, you may be one of the many individuals suffering from acute or chronic tendinitis. Pain and inflammation of the tendons can severely limit your ability to pursue your favorite sport, do your job, or simply live on your terms. Fortunately, you can get the tendinitis pain relief you seek through natural, drug-free treatment techniques here at Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC.

man suffering from tendinitis

What Is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is a broad term for pain or irritation in a tendon. Tendons are strong bands of tissue connecting muscles to bones, allowing the muscles to move specific parts of your body. As tough as these tissues may be, they are still susceptible to stress, overuse, or acute damage. You might suddenly tear a tendon, by overextending a shoulder, arm, or leg while exercising.

Other kinds of tendinitis may take a long time to develop into the conditions trademark symptoms of pain, stiffness, swelling, and redness. If you misuse or overuse a part of your body, over time the tendons may sustain damage accumulating faster than the body can repair itself. This creates a state of chronic tendinitis. Many sports injuries are forms of tendinitis, including tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, jumper's knee, and swimmer's shoulder. But office workers, artists, musicians, builders, and anyone else who engages in repetitive motions for a prolonged period of time can develop chronic tendinitis.

Natural Treatment for Elbow Pain, Knee Pain, and Other Tendinitis Issues

Anti-inflammatory drugs can go only so far in treating tendinitis since they can't actually address the underlying cause. That's why you should take your elbow pain, knee pain or other tendinitis issues to Clayton Chiropractic. Our Clayton chiropractor, Dr. Lloyd, can evaluate your spinal alignment, joint positions, lifestyle, symptoms, and other factors that may be contributing to your condition. This enables our clinic to come up with an all-natural treatment plan that corrects your underlying biomechanical problems.

If your tendinitis is related to an alignment problem that places the tendons under unnatural stress, chiropractic adjustments can re-balance those components to alleviate the area. Lifestyle changes can make you less vulnerable to repetitive motion strain. Kinesio taping can support muscles and connective tissues while boosting blood flow and easing inflammation. 

Make an Appointment with Our Clayton Chiropractor

If your connective tissues are hurting you, it's time to connect with our Clayton chiropractor. Call Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC today at (919) 553-2225 to schedule an appointment so we can take the tenderness out of your tendons!

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