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Cervical Radiculopathy Treatment at Clayton Chiropractic

You may never have heard of cervical radiculopathy, even if you've been suffering silently from it for a long time. This nerve impingement syndrome causes a variety of unpleasant neurological symptoms in one or both upper extremities. If your hand or arm is tormenting you, or simply failing to function as it should, you should know that you can get relief for cervical radiculopathy without surgery -- thanks to the natural treatment techniques we offer here at Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC.

What Is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is a set of symptoms associated with the pinching of cervical nerve tissue. Your cervical spine serves as the home, not only to the upper spinal cord but also to several major nerve roots that jut out from small spaces between bones. When any of these tissues are compressed by nearby structures such as bones or discs, the normal flow of nerve signals in the arm is interrupted or distorted. These can cause shooting pains in your arm or hand. It can also leave you suffering from bouts of numbness, "pins and needles" feelings, or a loss of muscle function anywhere along the affected extremity. A chiropractor in Clayton will be able to diagnose you and create a treatment plan to help you get pain relief.

How and why do people get cervical radiculopathy? Bulging or herniated discs are a common cause. As your spine ages, the discs between cervical vertebrae may begin to bulge out from their usual position, possibly pushing up against nerve roots. The protruding or ruptured part of a herniated disc can cause the same problem. Herniated discs can occur spontaneously in an injury, or they can occur due to stress on bulging discs. Bone spurs or spinal misalignment issues in the neck can also compress the cervical nerve roots.

Non-Surgical Pain Relief from Our Chiropractor in Clayton

Our chiropractor in Clayton, Dr. Lloyd, has a wealth of experience at identifying and treating the causes of cervical radiculopathy. An evaluation of your cervical spine can help us pinpoint the spot where nerve tissue is being compressed, and the structures that are compressing it. We can then administer targeted chiropractic adjustments to shift misaligned spinal structures back into their normal positions. This rakes the pressure off of the nerve tissues for safe, non-surgical pain relief. We may also recommend neck strengthening exercises or other therapies to help you keep your neck straight, healthy and well-aligned.

Give Your Arms and Hands a Break -- Call Our Clinic Today!

If you're ready to feel as if your arms and hands truly belong to you again, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Clayton Chiropractic in Clayton, NC. Call (919) 553-2225 so we can evaluate your cervical radiculopathy symptoms and create a treatment plan!

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