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Chiropractic Treatment for Upper Back Pain in Clayton

If you have back pain in Clayton, it's time to see how Clayton Chiropractic can help you. When back pain is taking over your life, you need a solution. You don't have to spend your days in pain when chiropractic care is available to you. When you visit our office for care, you will have a treatment plan designed to get to the root cause of your pain and help you heal naturally.

woman getting looked at for upper back pain

How Chiropractic Treatment Works

When your spine is in proper alignment, your nerves, muscles, and tendons are going to hurt less. When your spine isn't aligned, this can cause pressure on your nerves that leads to pain and tenderness. Chiropractic treatment restores the alignment of your spine and reduces the pressure on your nerves. Over time, treatment will improve your pain and decrease the amount of inflammation you have.

Treatment at the Chiropractor

As a chiropractic patient, you can expect to feel comfortable throughout your visit. You will talk about your concerns when you are in the office and your back will be thoroughly examined. Once your chiropractor determines what is going on with your back, you will receive treatment. This can be gentle adjustments to align your spine, massage, hot or cold therapy, ultrasound, or traction. While treatment is occurring your chiropractor will talk to you about how you are feeling and teach you about good back health.

You can go to a chiropractor even if you are being treated for the same condition by other providers. This is a natural process that doesn't interfere with other modalities. Prescription medication is not used during treatment, but you are able to continue any medication that you take that is prescribed by other providers. Treatment is natural, improving your overall health so that you can heal. When you feel better, you are able to move more and move forward with your life.

Help for Upper Back Pain in Clayton

When you are in upper back pain, it's time to work with a chiropractor who can help. Clayton Chiropractic is in Clayton, North Carolina and offers help for upper back pain throughout the area. Contact us today at 919-553-2225 and set up an initial consultation. You will be able to meet with our chiropractor and talk about what is going on with your upper back pain. Treatment for upper back pain is a phone call away.

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